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New Member post and request

Hi ! It's been a few months since I am lurking this community... And I am here with a request... Mods, you can deleete it if needed ^^

I am searching for a roleplay partner. Pure and simple ^^

So, here are my roleplay infos !

Name: Niimura Shinya

Age: 23

Contacts: Reply to this post to have my MSN address

Years of Roleplaying: 2 years

Roleplay format: Paragraph format.

Bands I play : A few, but right now, I really want/need some D'espairsRay

Muses I play : Again, a few, but right now, Zero (or at least, trying to o.O)

Muse I'm looking for : Hizumi, Tsukasa, Karyu

Genres I play : Real life, fluff, romance, hurt/comfort, a teensy bit of angst (MUST have an happy ending)<-- Yeah, I know it doesn't really call for D'espairsRay fanfics/roleplay, but hey, I'm like that.. ^^;

Genres I will NOT play : AU, Death, BDSM, Violence, Torture and anything that isn't correct.

Plots I have in mind : None precise, since I am very new in the D'espairsRay roleplay/fanfic world....

Pairing : Anyone in D'espairsRay X Zero

Role play pet-peeves: Bad English, bad grammar and spelling, 1 sentence reply in roleplay, people who are never ever there, uber busy people (if you want to play, you must have TIME to do so), people who can't make a choice into the plot (a.k.a. making me decide of EVERYTHING, starting to roleplay out of the blue without any planning done first and people suddenly leaving without saying anything.

Notes : I don't bite... too hard :P I must seem aggressive, but I just know what I want.. Another thing : If you read this post and that you see my MSN address, please, just comment before adding me, because I kinda hate when people suddenly barge into my list, like that o.O;;

Another thing, again.. I don't do general roleplays. Gomen. But I kinda find them boring and frustrating...

Another thing : Please, be patient with me. I am learning the Zero character... So I might not be what you expect. But people need to do things first to learn... ^^
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